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Post workout musings:What wins in a nutritional facts showdown, tofu or chicken? 

I love teaching my Sunday morning Tred n Shred class. Today I had 10 beautiful strong ladies who ran cardio intervals on the treadmill & then high-intensity interval training with appropriate warm-ups and cool downs. 

After class I worked out myself with the skipping rope, kettle ball and treadmill.

I was too tired to cook so I decided on a teriyaki rice bowl with vegetables. But as I walked up to the counter I was faced with a decision. The ponytailed cashier who took my order asked “chicken or tofu?” 

Tan. Tan. Taaaaaa! Decision-making time.

So count the stars as we have a nutrition show-down. Tofu versus chicken:

The results, chicken got five stars versus tofu, getting 7 stars. So I chose tofu!

It was a great post workout meal. Tofu, veggies and I got a combination of half white and half brown rice.

Do you eat tofu? If you had the choice, what would you choose? No judgment!

Have a great week my lovelies 🙂



Jump rope workout and 30 day challenge

I’ve always believed that the best cardio you can do in a unit of time is jump rope. 


Jump rope your way into strength and cardiovascular health. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
I think the trick is to understand that the rope is very thin. People often jump higher than they need to. Keep the jumps small. You’re only jumping off no more than an inch above the ground.

Here’s a jump rope routine that may help from keeping you getting bored:

For those of you who have decided you like jump rope, here’s a 30 day challenge that will make you stronger:

Would you try this? Do you enjoy skipping rope?



More exercises for your strength training workout

High intensity intervals are great but if you don’t have a personal trainer or a class, you need ideas! 

Here are some. Just for you:

Good luck out there. Be strong, be safe and maintain good posture throughout. 

May the force be with you! Have you tried any of these exercises?


10 minute ab workout

Slimming your waistline isn’t only good for your looks, it’s good for your health. 

Research tells us that excess pounds around the waist lead to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

I hope you are inspired this week to work out just 10 minutes more than you usually do. Perhaps in between household chores you could do this 10 minute ab workout.

How often do you work out your abs? Would you do this ab work out at home or in the gym?

Be happy, be safe and remember you are loved! Have a great Sunday.


Slimming legs chair work out

You don’t need specialized equipment or even a gym membership if you want to begin getting active. 

You can use props you already have at home. This leg workout uses a chair.

Start in the privacy of your own home, but get active!


Quad strengthening exercises for bad knees

Bad knees, weak or injured; shouldn’t be the reason you ever stop moving. 

Exercise can build muscles around the knees, making them stronger.

Here are ideas and tips on quad exercises to strengthen bad knees:

How are the health of your knees? What exercises or behaviours do you  practice to keep your knees healthy? 


Top 10 exercise myths

With so much information out there, large marketing budgets, and the competition that exists in the health and fitness industry, it’s hard to tell what is beneficial versus what are simply myths. 

The new technological do-dad is cute, it may motivate, but it’s $100 and do you really need it? Do you need to down some powder stuff half an hour after every workout? What about that packaged protein bar? Will it make you skinny? Healthy? Maybe so, but probably not. There are so many exercise, fitness and health myths out there.

This might be controversial because if something works for you, it’s positive. If you like something and it’s working then keep doing it!

But let’s put things into perspective and not believe all the hype shall we?


So does keeping it low and slow burn more calories? No. The more work you do the more calories you burn. The more ‘smart’ your strength training, the more muscle you build.

So keep it simple. Work out for 20 minutes a day. Try and aim for a balance between flexibility training, strength training and cardio. Take the stairs when you have a choice. Take walks. Drink water. Clean your own house. Smile. And go to sleep early 🙂

I wish you happy and healthy lives. 


How to use a foam roller and why?

You may have seen them at your gym or in stores: foam rollers. They look like large cylinders with ribs or smooth but hard, like a small tree trunk. 

Putting your weight on a foam roller and rolling certain muscles can reduce muscle tension, correct muscle imbalances, increase your range of motion and prevent injury.

Roll the sides of your body from hips to your knees for your IT band. Face down, place the foam roller underneath your thighs and hips to release muscle tension in your hip flexors. Flip over to your side to get your lats in the side and back and turn over to get your hamstrings in your lower body.

My favorite is to roll my neck and upper back and scapula. I think it is a great device to use before sleep. It will relax your muscles, wind you down and decrease tension.

Have you used a foam roller?


Five exercises using dumbbells for your next workout 

Here are five exercises you can do for your next workout. You will need dumbbells. Things to remember are good posture: roll your shoulders into the back of your body, open your chest, keep your arms and legs strong, keep your abdominal muscles strong to support your back.

Deciding how many reps and sets to do is your choice. Start off by doing one set, with 10 to 12 repetitions.

For this squat keep your legs strong, a little more than hip width apart, and sit back into your buttocks as if you were sitting on a stool behind you:

This move is great because you are using loaded movement, so maximum calorie burn. There is dynamic stretching, so you are increasing your flexibility here. Remember to pick up you heel and foot as you rotate your hips to keep the movement natural and comfortable. Drive through the shoulder blades with strong arms and keep your body long and lifted. Good posture and stand up tall:

 Adding a twist to your basic lunge will help to lean out your abdominal muscles, slimming love handles:

Training your back is extremely important. A strong back supports good posture and strong abdominal muscles:

Happy workout fitfam! 


What you do you eat pre-workout and what should you eat after your work out?

There is so much conflicting information out there on what is the best thing to eat before you work out and what is the best thing to eat post workout.

I think it’s a good idea to try out what works for you because every body is different. Our workouts are different. Our goals are different. Our tastes are different.

Some believe it’s best to work out fasted. For some, that just doesn’t work.

Here is some information to help you out: 

It’s best to experiment and try new things to see what works best for your body.

What works for you? What do you eat before you work out? What about after you work out?