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Zesty oil free vegan delicious dressing 

I finally made a dressing that I wanted to try for a while, it’s featured on http://www.theveganroad.com and it’s called is their zesty tahini oil free dressing.

Here’s the recipe:

I added more green onions then called for and I also added more garlic, but I think it’s best to stick to the recipe! Even though I had a lot of garlic onion flavor this dressing was awesome. 

My plan is to go buy a big bag of super greens and just enjoy this dressing with it. Also, this dressing goes along way. Use a little and it’ll coat your food well.

It blended well in my Nutri bullet:


Today I added it to three diced boiled red potatoes, one can of colorful chickpeas and one diced pan fried (no oil) zucchini:

It was so good. This week my goal is to cut out added sugar.



Are mini salads the start to significant weight loss? 

It’s happened to all of us I think, whether work gets too busy so you decrease your workouts, maybe the birth of his child leads you to sleep less so work out less, or you put on those “I’m in love” pounds. 

However we get there, all of a sudden we realize we’re suddenly five or 10 pounds overweight!

I think the real success is the realization that you did gain five or 10 pounds. Because at that point, it’s doable.  It can be caught and tended to. 

One thing I did was start eating one small salad, extra, a day. And what I did was a few things: regulated my taste buds, made me crave less sugar fat or salt, added fiber to my diet so I felt more full, and reminded me that I needed to watch what I was eating. The salad looked a little something like this:

I think the trick is to make it small, very easy to make, very minimal ingredients, so that you can make it fast and it’s not a huge thing. 

All I did was chop up half a head of romaine and a quarter of a pepper.

And then I made the dressing: Half a teaspoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, dried Greek seasoning, a teaspoon of fresh salsa, and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric/salt.

That’s it! 

I found a little container that keeps the dressing separate from the salad and keeps the salad cool. It’s good I like it for a small salad, but any container will do.

Would you add a small salad to your diet every day for a week? Have you before? Do you think it’s a good idea or not?


The benefits of eating a green salad every day

Salad greens provide fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain optimal health. 

Think of these simple green leaves as vitamins grown directly from the earth, up through the soil, made for humans and animals to eat.

You can dress it up or go the more plain route… But it is so good for your body if you eat a salad every day.


Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Serena Alibhai
For those of you who prefer more quantitative benefits here is a chart:

Do you eat a salad every day? What are your favourite kinds of salads?


Turkish soup & salad healthy lunch 

This lunch, ordered in, looked so good I had to let’s you guys peek. Sometimes you feel like taking a break from meat, keeping it plant-based and vegetarian. 

Here’s the order: 

Lentil soup, which came with bread, and a Mediterranean salad. Here’s what it look like when it arrived: 


Turkish food delivery. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Here’s what it look like after unwrapping:


Red lentil soup and Mediterranean salad. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Looks so delicious my mouth is watering. Here’s a close-up of the salad:


Mediterranean salad. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
What is your favorite soup and salad combo?


The antiaging benefits of sprouted mung beans!

Mung beans have always been a major weight loss tool for me. I soak them after cleaning them and then make into a delicious soup.

I was happy and surprised to see sprouted mung beans at the farmers market last weekend.

They tasted sweet with a soft delicious texture.

When you sprout beans they are easier to digest and contain a different set of health benefits.

Have you ever tried sprouted lentils or beans? Have you ever made them yourself? What are some good ways to eat sprouted mung beans?


Creamy tangy homemade salad dressing

Usually I drizzle extra virgin virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and a couple cranks of salt and pepper on the greens.

But since I’m trying to keep my work salads purely vegetarian this week, I thought I would up the ante on the salad dressing.

This was my concoction. I think it’s pretty good.

I made enough salad dressing here for about 3 to 4 salads. I’m not very generous with dressing.


1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
A couple of shakes Worcestershire sauce
1 squeeze anchovy paste
Half teaspoon garlic pepper
Couple of cranks sea salt
2 dashes balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon sour cream


Mix all together. Keep in fridge for up to 72 hours. Use on salad as dressing.

Start with extra virgin olive oil.
Maille Dijon Mustard is my favorite.
Worcestershire sauce is hard to spell. And pronounce. Also it adds great flavor.
Making salad dressing.
Anchovy paste.
Garlic pepper seasoning.
Grind in sea salt.
Mix your homemade salad dressing.
Mix in sour cream.
Add balsamic vinegar.


Mix homemade salad dressing thoroughly.
Use homemade salad dressing on greens.

Do you make your own salad dressing? If so, what is your favorite?


Why it should be salad and meatballs, not spaghetti and meatballs!

Salad greens are the perfect food combination with protein. If you eat protein with starchy heavy carbs, your body has difficulty digesting this.

Since leafy greens like salad take a shorter time to digest, the stomach can concentrate on digesting the protein instead of having it wait in the stomach for the starches to spend many hours slowly digesting in your small intestines.

You see, different foods digest in different areas of your digestive system. Proteins are digested mainly in the stomach, with the presence of hydrochloric acid. This is what breaks down meat. 

Carbohydrates are broken down in our mouths and primarily in the small intestine.

Veggies help to move along other foods because they contain a lot of fiber.

So we’re good combination is a protein with vegetables. If we eat starchy carbohydrates with proteins, carbohydrates get digested first and the proteins just to sit in the stomach, waiting. This leads to rotting proteins in your stomach, gas and stinky poops! 

So fish and greens. Not fish and rice! So chicken and vegetables. Not chicken and pasta! Steak with sautéed mushrooms and a salad. Not steak with roasted potatoes!

What happens when you combine foods that are incompatible? Farting. Upset stomach. Heartburn. Bloating. Things like that.

So, it’s your meatballs with salad! Not with spaghetti.


Season your salad greens with a squeeze of lemon. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Eat your meatballs with salad not spaghetti. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
What are your favorite veggie protein combinations?


Meal prep: 3 steps to my perfect work salad 

This salad changes slightly, depending what is in season, but mainly the basics are the same.

Everyone has different taste buds, dislikes and likes, but I think it’s possible for everyone to enjoy… truly enjoy… A great salad every day.

Plus a salad is easy to take to work. You can put it in the fridge as soon as you get in, it doesn’t stink up your area and it’s easy to clean afterwards.

I start my process with greens. And then I layer. It took me a while to discover which greens were my favorite. Then I add at least one healthy delicious fat, one lean protein and the rest is just healthy vegetables or toppings that I like.

Step one:

The greens

I decided on a combination of two different types of greens because I like the way the flavors mingle.

Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

I layer the greens in my lunch box container.

I always chop my greens because that way you can fit more greens in and you can eat your salad neatly. Big huge leaves or pieces of vegetables are hard to fit in your mouth!

Ideally you want four large handfuls of greens to chop. When you chop it up, it will settle nicely into the bottom of your container.

First layer of work salad. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Chop your greens. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

Step two:

Dressing your salad

If it doesn’t taste good and you’re not going to eat it so what’s the point?

Don’t bother with store-bought dressings. The matter what the label says it’s not in the healthy fat category. Healthy fats will be things like avocado, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, sardines, salmon, mackerel, pate or liver.

So for me, dressing is fresh lemon, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. These minimal but delicious seasonings bring out the freshness of your greens, your protein and mingle well with your fats to create a great tasting salad.

Lemon adds great flavor. Add just a bit so your salad doesn’t get soggy. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

Step three:

Top with your favorite stuff.

I like to keep it simple.

Even though I had carrots, cucumbers, some great tomatoes, cottage cheese and some other delicious ingredients, I decided to keep it simple.

I chose rotisserie chicken breast, some flavorful olives and goat cheese.

Chicken breast on bed of greens. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Olives. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Goats cheese, chopped olives and chicken breast on greens. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

And then just to make sure everything was going to taste great, I added a light drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar on top.

Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Drizzle balsamic vinegar on top if you wish. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

And then of course put the lid on, place and lunch bag and into the fridge. Meal prep done, salad ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

What do you prepare for your work lunches? Do you ever take salads? So interested in hearing what you guys do!


Simple corn-tomato-kale summer salad easy recipe 

This recipe makes two medium summer kale corn and tomato salads. This is a great side to barbecue meat, roasted chicken, or steamed fish.


5 Kale leaves, ripped from the stalks
1 small cob of fresh corn
1 small Roma tomato

Dressing ingredients:

Splash of balsamic vinegar
1/4 juice of lemon
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash produce well. Care and massage kale leaves into bite-size pieces. Add diced tomato. Cut corn using a sharp large knife: start at top and work your way down. Add dressing and serve!

Recipe by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto photo by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace (Instagram)

Be sure to try this salad! It’s healthy, delicious and colorful.


Why eating different colored Phytonutrients is so important and how to eat the rainbow!

Different colored phytonutrients are so important to your overall health. This means different colored fruits and vegetables. Eat the rainbow! I can’t stress this enough.

Today we have choices about what we eat. We also have more education than ever. For those of you who aren’t eating different colored fruits and vegetables every day, here is some education and a polite reminder to add more into your diet, and why.

This is important information not only for you. Pass this information along to your children, friends, parents and loved ones. Think about this before you decide on which side dish to cook with dinner, what to snack on and what to buy at the market.

Does that box of energy or protein bars have colourful phytonutrients? What about that protein shake after you work out? What about the creamy pasta with exotic cheese? It’s fine to eat whatever you’d like, but remember get your colorful vegetables and fruits in first! Remember to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These are better for you than things you will find in a package or in a box or a fancy wrapper or in a bag!

When it comes to eating the rainbow, think color! Here are some great examples. Eat some of this every single day:

Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto


Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto