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Strengthen and save your shoulders 

Shoulders are so important. They help to create good posture and as the anterior front body muscles get strong fast this isn’t necessarily true for our backs. Strong shoulders can prevent back pain. 

Do you workout or exercise your shoulders? 



Six relaxing yoga poses to help you fall asleep

These poses will help you wind down as you prepare for sleep. Sleep is crucial. It allows muscles to build, organs to regenerate and the brain to rest and prepare for your day.

Do you do exercises to prepare for sleep?


How to use a foam roller and why?

You may have seen them at your gym or in stores: foam rollers. They look like large cylinders with ribs or smooth but hard, like a small tree trunk. 

Putting your weight on a foam roller and rolling certain muscles can reduce muscle tension, correct muscle imbalances, increase your range of motion and prevent injury.

Roll the sides of your body from hips to your knees for your IT band. Face down, place the foam roller underneath your thighs and hips to release muscle tension in your hip flexors. Flip over to your side to get your lats in the side and back and turn over to get your hamstrings in your lower body.

My favorite is to roll my neck and upper back and scapula. I think it is a great device to use before sleep. It will relax your muscles, wind you down and decrease tension.

Have you used a foam roller?