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Making dryer balls

I heard so many good things about dryer balls. The first time I heard about them was on a blog. I thought dryer balls would be perfect for me because I wanted to get away from using Bounce sheets.

I read about the benefits of using a wool felted dryer ball in your wash instead of a chemical fabric softener: left irritants for your skin, dries your clothes faster so no waste of energy, remove static cling and makes your clothes softer.

So to make dryer balls, first I learned how to roll wool into a ball from watching YouTube. 

Then I bought the 100% wool. It has to be 100%.

I put small folded old socks in the middle of the ball to make the balls bigger. 

Then I got some old pantyhose so the balls would stay round as they felted in the first three washes. 

So now I am happy to say I won’t be buying Bounce sheets anymore but will be using wool dryer balls! 

Have you heard of dryer balls? If you have any questions leave them in the comment section!



Laundry cheat sheet for all types of stains

I can never remember how to treat different stains; sweat, blood, makeup, etc. so here is a handy cheat sheet to help you out with common stains. 

Who knew that your own saliva is the first defense against bloodstains! Now let’s hope that the reason for your blood stained clothing doesn’t take precedence over laundry.

But this blog has nothing to do with sex, murder or perhaps drug money. It has to do with vitality, health and well-being. So let’s return to our discussion on how best to clean, shall we?