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The first hat I knitted

I made a hat! I made a hat using circular needles, my first time! My first project using circular needles was easier than I thought. 

To prepare I watched a bunch of YouTube videos a few times. I was excited to start and I knitted the hat in an afternoon.

Excuse the lighting, it was an extremely sunny spring day.

Despite the sun, however, it was chilly outside and my newly acquired allergies were in full bloom.

My only mistake was I meant to make it bigger for someone else’s head. But it turned out too small. So instead it was a hat for me.



Happy New Year Everyone! 

It was a great year and wish you the best and better for 2016! 




21 miraculous uses for coconut oil

Coconut oil has been impressing me lately. I’ve been putting it in my hair for over a decade but now that I’m using it on my skin too, I love the effect it’s having.

Here are some more uses:

What do you use coconut oil for?