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How and where to store your groceries

Storing your groceries properly can be confusing. How do you know how long something will last? Where is the best place to store it?

Here is a handy chart to help you organize and plan:

Do you agree with this chart?



Blood orange binge documented with nutritional benefits

I got sick, and I’m still sick, the kind where you sneeze 30 times a day, have no energy, you get chilly then sweaty, and you’re exhausted. Plus no appetite. 

I couldn’t even taste food. But what I could taste, fortunately, were blood oranges. Ice cream. Caramel popcorn. I realized that I could taste sugar but not savory flavours. 

So I feasted on blood oranges. I started with one of course.


I started with one blood orange. photography by Serena Alibhai

Couldn’t resist another blood orange. Photography by Serena Alibhai

The oranges made me feel good. I was always thirsty so the oranges provided moisture, sweet delicious flavor and relief.  

Blood orange nutritional facts.
So the next day, when the sickness had not subsided yet, I ate more. I cut them into four’s and then peeled them. I realized I liked them refrigerated. So I ate them cold.

Inhaling more blood oranges. photography by Serena Alibhai

Have you ever eaten these luscious citrus gems? 


A beautiful and nutritious yogurt bowl

Food should look as good as it is nutritious for your body. Choosing the beautiful ripe fruit to add to your yogurt bowl can help make breakfast, snack or any meal more enjoyable.

Yogurt is nutritious on it’s own:

Think about eating a rainbow of colors.


Eat the rainbow for breakfast. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Choose fruit instead of simple white sugar.


Yogurt bowl with fruit. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
The more colorful the more antioxidants, the more nutritious. And consequently, the more delicious.


Kiwi fruit. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
How do you make your favorite yogurt bowl?


Did you know? The darker the banana the better…? 

Ripe bananas have some pretty powerful nutritional benefits. 

So ripe bananas not only taste better but as the banana ripens it gets more and more healthy. Are you one of those people who can’t eat a banana if there are any spots on it?

Or are you like me, where the darker the banana the sweeter and softer it is in the more you enjoy it?

Enjoy your bananas!


Eat a bowl of pomegranate seeds

They’re like little ruby jewels; packed with nutritional benefits and flavour. These red little soldiers fight against disease in the body.

 In the middle of each Golden Nugget is an edible seed filled with antioxidants and dietary medicine.

Pomegranate in a bowl. Photography by Rizwan Alvi

Gorgeous little ruby jewels packed with good nutrition. Photography by Rizwan Alvi

Fruit breakfast spread. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
They say eat the rainbow, and these ruby red juicy pearls are no exception. Pomegranates are packed with good things healthy for you. There are so many benefits:

Do you like pomegranates? I like to just eat them with a spoon from a bowl. How do you eat pomegranate?

Watermelon, orange and grapefruit breakfast with nutritional benefits

It’s such a beautiful trifecta. The colors look beautiful together, don’t they?


Watermelon, orange and grapefruit breakfast. photography by Rizwan Alvi
This combination of fruit not only tastes great. There are so many nutritional benefits to eating fruit, particularly these three. 

Which of these fruits are your favorite? 


10 reasons you should be eating olives

I never need a reason to eat olives. I’ve always loved them. All kinds too! 

My favorite are the ones with pits. I feel they have the most flavor, as they have been processed the least amount.


Eating Green olives in Uruguay. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
But if it wasn’t enough that they taste amazing and I could eat them almost all day long… Here are some nutritional benefits to eating olives:

What are your favorite kinds of olives? What is your favorite way to eat them?


Why are bananas and yogurt a healthy combination?

Both yogurt and bananas on their own are so delicious! And of course when you eat them together they taste delicious also.


Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Healthy fruit yogurt dip. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi


Some people like their yogurt fancy. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
No matter how fancy (or expensive) your yogurt, however, there are so many health benefits!

And couple you’re healthy yogurt with bananas, and you get more nutritional benefits.

Is yogurt and banana a combo you do and enjoy? What are other yogurt or banana combos you like better?



Three recipes for juice vitamin boosters this season

The natural vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can boost your immunity. Remember that fruits and vegetables come directly from the earth. So while taking vitamins from a bottle is convenient, when you can, stick to whole natural foods.

For example, take this pineapple, carrot and ginger juice:


Pineapple, carrot and ginger juice. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Depending on your taste buds, here are some more recipes that can boost your immunity for this winter season:

Do you believe that a homemade juice can boost your immunity?


Why snacking on a pear is so good for your health

It’s sweet, juicy and full of vitamins. So many health benefits:

And pears contain quite a bit of fiber. So this not only helps move the rest of your food through the digestive tract, but also helps to keep you full for longer. This is what makes a pear an excellent weight-loss food.

Take a pear with you for a snack. I love my pears ripe. When I press the skin it shouldn’t be as hard as an apple. And when I smell the fruit it should smell beautiful. That’s when I know it is ready to eat.

Anjou red pear. Photography by Serena Alibhai


Take your pears to go.
What is your favorite way to eat this fruit? Do you cook and make desserts with it? Or do you like to eat it like I do, raw?