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Zesty oil free vegan delicious dressing 

I finally made a dressing that I wanted to try for a while, it’s featured on http://www.theveganroad.com and it’s called is their zesty tahini oil free dressing.

Here’s the recipe:

I added more green onions then called for and I also added more garlic, but I think it’s best to stick to the recipe! Even though I had a lot of garlic onion flavor this dressing was awesome. 

My plan is to go buy a big bag of super greens and just enjoy this dressing with it. Also, this dressing goes along way. Use a little and it’ll coat your food well.

It blended well in my Nutri bullet:


Today I added it to three diced boiled red potatoes, one can of colorful chickpeas and one diced pan fried (no oil) zucchini:

It was so good. This week my goal is to cut out added sugar.



Post workout musings:What wins in a nutritional facts showdown, tofu or chicken? 

I love teaching my Sunday morning Tred n Shred class. Today I had 10 beautiful strong ladies who ran cardio intervals on the treadmill & then high-intensity interval training with appropriate warm-ups and cool downs. 

After class I worked out myself with the skipping rope, kettle ball and treadmill.

I was too tired to cook so I decided on a teriyaki rice bowl with vegetables. But as I walked up to the counter I was faced with a decision. The ponytailed cashier who took my order asked “chicken or tofu?” 

Tan. Tan. Taaaaaa! Decision-making time.

So count the stars as we have a nutrition show-down. Tofu versus chicken:

The results, chicken got five stars versus tofu, getting 7 stars. So I chose tofu!

It was a great post workout meal. Tofu, veggies and I got a combination of half white and half brown rice.

Do you eat tofu? If you had the choice, what would you choose? No judgment!

Have a great week my lovelies 🙂


Is sushi healthy?

Depending on your weight loss or weight maintenance goals, sushi can be healthy!

Photography by @rizwanalvifoto

For myself, sushi is not deep-fried, I like my Japanese food heavy on the fish and greens.

Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Tuna belly. Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Sashimi. Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto

And most importantly, good quality sushi (I have experienced this in Seattle and Vancouver) puts a smile on my face. But the smile radiates to every single poor inside of my body. I have loved sushi since it first entered my mouth at the age of five!

Seattle. Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto

But whether you love it or hate it, it’s important to make room in your diet for the foods that you love.

Now the question of the day… Is sushi healthy?

What do you think? Is sushi healthy? Do you even like it? Where have you eaten the best sushi?


20 tips to lose weight in 10 days 

Sometimes you need a boost to push you towards a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want to do it for the people who love you, so that you can better serve society, or for your own self esteem.  

Here’s an infographic to give you 20 tips to start today. You’ll feel better, your life will change and the ones who love you will be grateful. The changes you make today will influence changes in someone else sooner or later. 

Good luck on your health journey. I wish you the best ❤️


50 flat-belly foods shopping list

When I want to slim down I try cutting out crispy salty snacks or sugary balls of yum that I really love but I know that are bad for me. These things are potato chips, soda and juice. Basically deep-fried stuff, white flour and sugar. 

The more you eat foods like that the more you crave them. So it’s important to have healthy foods around you at home. This way you are more likely to eat clean. And if you make a few mistakes along the way, no big deal.

Here are 50 flat belly foods: 

What are your favorite flat belly foods?