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3 types of Oatmeal breakfast prep 

Oatmeal is one of those super foods when you want to slim down the belly fat. 

So on Sunday I made three servings of organic slow rolled oats, which I cooked in water with half a teaspoon of turmeric and salt. 

Why Tumeric?

I added a psyllium husk and flax seed mixture to this, about 1 tablespoon. I also added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and one ripe banana while it cooked. 

No sugar. No milk. I cooked about a cup of oats in 2 cups of water for about 10 minutes under medium heat.

Why cinnamon?

I have to say it tasted pretty great. To the first warm bowl I added 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

I used the rest of the cooked oatmeal to prepare breakfast for work in advance. 

Added one nectarine:

Added pear:

Preparing the rolled oats this way allowed me to keep my breakfast clean with no added sugar.

I’ll warm these batches up in the microwave and the natural sugars from the fruit will be good enough for me!



A beautiful and nutritious yogurt bowl

Food should look as good as it is nutritious for your body. Choosing the beautiful ripe fruit to add to your yogurt bowl can help make breakfast, snack or any meal more enjoyable.

Yogurt is nutritious on it’s own:

Think about eating a rainbow of colors.


Eat the rainbow for breakfast. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Choose fruit instead of simple white sugar.


Yogurt bowl with fruit. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
The more colorful the more antioxidants, the more nutritious. And consequently, the more delicious.


Kiwi fruit. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
Photography by Rizwan Alvi
How do you make your favorite yogurt bowl?


10 sexy foods for beautiful skin

Calling bell peppers “sexy” may be a stretch but I wanted to get your attention.

I find when the inside of your body is clean and functioning correctly it shows up in your skin. Everything seems smoother: digestive problems, sleep, energy levels and mood. 

Here is a list of 10 foods to make your skin more beautiful, more flawless. Do you think this works? Leave me a comment!


14 Foods for liver health

The liver is our largest internal organ. It filters our blood, removing harmful material from the bloodstream as well as helping to digest food.

The liver flushes toxins we put into our body (such as alcohol, white sugar,  coffee and tobacco) to regulate our health and ensure an optimal balance.

To ensure this organ remains healthy and in working order, because it is working hard every minute of the day around the clock, be sure to stay away from processed foods and keep it whole. 


It is the food that grows directly from the earth that can improve the overall functions of your liver.

Eating or drinking grapefruit can help your liver flush out toxins. Great fruit is high in both vitamin C and antioxidant properties.

Beats contain plant flavonoids, which can improve the overall functions of your liver.

Leafy greens like arugula, spinach and lettuce have the ability to neutralize metals, chemicals and pesticides. Since these may appear in our food, eating greens protects our liver.

Green tea contains plant antioxidants known as catechins, which help to improve liver functions.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts produce organic compounds to help create enzyme production for digestion.

Not only do you lemons give us high doses of vitamin C but also cleanse toxins and aid the digestion process.

Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps support the liver to cleanse our body.

Tumeric, a natural anti-septic, helps our bodies digest fats and stimulate the production of bile. It also acts as a natural form of detox for your liver.

Keep it whole, and keep it real when it comes to food. Be nice to your liver! It is working so hard for you every single day.


3 ways to eat the rainbow

Eating a wide variety of colours is as important as eating a wide variety of foods. Naturally occurring colours in foods often signify the presence of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

If you are eating more colour, you are probably getting more vitamins, eating more natural food directly grown from the earth and a wider variety of clean food. 

How to add more colour to your diet: 

Add peppers of all colours because they have differing nutrient values and vitamins: 

Add leafy greens. Not only do leafy greens add antioxidants, roughage and varying degrees of chlorophyll, they also contain water. All necessary for good health.

Even some white foods contain high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C:

Eat more colours today! It’s important for disease prevention, good health and a varied diet.


How to DETOX yourself in 10 easy steps 

It’s easy, just follow general guidelines! 

  1. More vegetables 
  2. Limit alcohol 
  3. Cardio 
  4. Flexibility
  5. Strength training
  6. Limit heavy carbs at night 
  7. Increase fish and lean protein
  8. Decrease salt 
  9. Drink lots of water
  10. Cheat. A little. 


15 foods to include in your everyday diet

There are certain foods that you should include in your diet. These are high in vitamins, essential fatty acid’s and complex carbohydrates. Do you agree with this list?

What other foods do you think should be on this list? Would you take any of these foods off? Leave a comment, it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts! 

How am I supposed to clean up my diet?

It may seem obvious but it’s not always easy. Here is a five week guide to help you clean up your diet.

If you were still eating fast food, if you still think sugary fruit snacks are considered fruit and vegetables, or you are still eating simple carbohydrates like white bread, these tips could help you. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Is this obvious stuff? Did you make a change?

What is healthy food to you?

There are so many diets and ways of eating out there: paleo, gluten-free, ketosis, eating cotton balls before a meal. Did you know that? It was a popular diet!?! Cotton balls! What are fads and what works?What do you think is “healthy?” Here’s an infographic on diet trends:

Baby steps. It’s all about trying. And once you put the intention out there, you think you just want to do better, it could happen. I will show what I ate in the hopes of it being “healthy.”

Remember – food is fuel. Think about food as the fuel that power is your brain and your eyes and your hair follicles. It can affect your mood and your attitude.

I believe in eating as many fresh vegetables and fruit as possible. I also believe in a balance. I don’t cut carbs. I don’t eat loads of fat. I eat it all, but in moderation. You also know that I practice intermittent fasting. But I get off track from time to time just like anyone would.

I’ll give you a sample of how I thought I  could try and do better. I thought vegetables. Colorful food that was grown outside. Not from a factory. So who knows if I’ve done the right thing or the wrong thing here. What do you think? This is what I did:


I could have made this myself if I knew how. If you don’t have the time or the skill, then you can find great healthy salads ready made. You just have to find a place near you that sells it.

First Course:

Have you heard of living butter lettuce? It has roots on the bottom and can keep in the fridge for up to three weeks!

The texture of a butter lettuce leaf is soft and delicious. It’s grown hydroponically so free of pesticides. The leaves can be used as a wrap. So for those of you on gluten free or low carb diets, this is a good one. For those of you who are not, choosing a green over wheat is a good break for the body.

Main Course:

Tuna wraps:

Did I do well, do you think, or not? What “healthy” foods are you not used to eating but you think you could incorporate to your diet to give your body a healthy break? Leave me a comment and tell me what you eat when you want to go healthy. Or tell me what you think is healthy but you don’t eat … yet.