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How to lose your love handles fast!

There’s no such thing a spot training-training one part of your body to lose fat in a particular area. But you can strengthen certain muscles. 

So in addition to regular cardio exercise and flexibility training, here are some great muscle conditioning exercises to target your midsection, namely your love handles!

Have you tried these exercises before ? 



Flat belly work out

It’s combination of strength training, flexibility and cardio that will flatten your belly.
That’s why I like this workout. It combines strength and cardio with flexibility movements.

Have you done any of these exercises? Which ones are your favorite or least favorite?


And illustrated guide on how to get healthier skin

Healthy glowing skin is a thing of beauty. And it’s not what you pile on top of your skin, hiding it, that makes it glow. Beauty does radiate from the insides.

Here are some tips:

What are your favorite tips for healthy skin?


Using ViPR as a Fascia Training Tool

I love the ViPR, for training others and myself. I’ve been taking ViPR for almost three years and have been teaching for almost two years.

I like this video, where Haley Holland explains how to use the ViPR as a fascia training tool:


Have you used this portable equipment for your training?



Total body strength workout exercises

These are total body exercises that focus on strength training. You can choose to do your cardio before or after these. Train now so that you are ready for swimsuit season!

These are some of the strength training exercises I do in my Sunday morning tried and shred class at the gym.

Do you do muscle conditioning exercises at home or at the gym or at all?


Post workout musings:What wins in a nutritional facts showdown, tofu or chicken? 

I love teaching my Sunday morning Tred n Shred class. Today I had 10 beautiful strong ladies who ran cardio intervals on the treadmill & then high-intensity interval training with appropriate warm-ups and cool downs. 

After class I worked out myself with the skipping rope, kettle ball and treadmill.

I was too tired to cook so I decided on a teriyaki rice bowl with vegetables. But as I walked up to the counter I was faced with a decision. The ponytailed cashier who took my order asked “chicken or tofu?” 

Tan. Tan. Taaaaaa! Decision-making time.

So count the stars as we have a nutrition show-down. Tofu versus chicken:

The results, chicken got five stars versus tofu, getting 7 stars. So I chose tofu!

It was a great post workout meal. Tofu, veggies and I got a combination of half white and half brown rice.

Do you eat tofu? If you had the choice, what would you choose? No judgment!

Have a great week my lovelies 🙂


30 day hiit challenge workout with 30 different exercises

This is a good strength conditioning workout in the form of a challenge if you want to start slow. It only requires ONE minute a day for 30 days, except on hiit challenge days. You do one exercise for one minute every day. For 30 days. 

This will accomplish two things: familiarize yourself with strength conditioning exercises making your body stronger and …allowing your body to form the habit of regular exercise. Would four minutes make a difference? Yes. Your body will get stronger after the 30 days.

So if you want to lose fat and gain muscle, maybe try this out:

Have you ever participated in an exercise challenge? What benefits do you believe that regular exercise gives? 

Have a great Sunday! 


Jump rope workout and 30 day challenge

I’ve always believed that the best cardio you can do in a unit of time is jump rope. 


Jump rope your way into strength and cardiovascular health. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
I think the trick is to understand that the rope is very thin. People often jump higher than they need to. Keep the jumps small. You’re only jumping off no more than an inch above the ground.

Here’s a jump rope routine that may help from keeping you getting bored:

For those of you who have decided you like jump rope, here’s a 30 day challenge that will make you stronger:

Would you try this? Do you enjoy skipping rope?



Some of my favourite ViPR exercises to teach

I love the ViPR. I’ve been doing ViPR workouts as part of my exercise routine for over three years now. I’ve been teaching ViPR for almost two years, as soon as became a certified ViPR instructor.

I feel like with the tool I and my clients get three things: strength training in the form of loaded movement, maximum calorie burn and dynamic flexibility training. And when I say maximum calorie burn I mean I’m dripping sweat after a 30 minute ViPR workout and I’m not even necessarily doing the highest level options given. Just holding the tool is helping my posture, my form and making me stronger.


VIPR exercises

When I teach I basically use variations tilts, carry holds, lifts, shlifts and swings, all with different handprints and footprints. I notice my core is stronger, it increases the muscle tone in the back and buttocks really well and helps to increase flexibility and mobility.

Have you ever used a ViPR or any other piece of equipment to work out with?


How mushrooms help regulate cholesterol and detoxify

There’s something I like about bringing mushrooms home to cook. Whether I am sautéing them, stuffing them or eating them raw, I’ve always love the taste and texture of mushrooms. All kinds.

I love them in restaurants but remember to cook them at home regularly as well.

Even though food in gourmet restaurants may taste better, cooking at home gives you the highest levels of healthy vitamins and macronutrients. This is, assuming you are controlling levels of butter, oil and other types of saturated fat. 


Portobello mushroom stroganoff. Photography by Serena Alibhai
Mushrooms contain Vitamins such as niacin, also known as vitamin B-3, control cholesterol levels and filter toxins. 

Here are some interesting facts on mushrooms, and why you should bring them into your kitchen more often:

Do you like, dislike or love mushrooms? How do you like to eat them?