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Six pack abs exercises and abdominal workout just for you

Strength training is as important as flexibility training and cardiovascular exercise. The three work hand-in-hand. When working out, I usually leave my abs to the end. The reason is because your abs are getting a work out throughout; cardio, full body workout and maybe a rowing machine.

You don’t want to tire out your abdominal muscles right away because this could compromise your posture for full body exercises. Remember your abs work hand-in-hand with your back. Your entire core is connected.

So be safe. Don’t forget to stretch after your workouts. Warm up before cardiovascular exercise or strength training. This allows your body to gradually increase its temperature, range of movement, flexibility of joints, etc.

Be nice your body. Don’t shock it unnecessarily. 

As for abdominal exercises, there are so many effective ones. Remember to move with your abdominal muscles as you work through. Avoid any strain on your neck. One tip is to look at one spot in the ceiling and keep looking at that same spot as you go through your abdominal exercises, eg. when on your back facing the ceiling. 

And also remember to hold your abdominals nice and tight throughout the day. Practice good posture as you walk around the city, sit at your desk, stand in line, cook over the stove or pick up your baby.

What I like about the exercises above is that you are using your own bodyweight. So these exercises are tailored specifically for you. To make this workout more challenging go slower or do more.

what are your favorite abdominal exercises? What are your least favorite? I know that I find some exercises more effective than others.



Six flat-tummy exercises you can do at home

I think the tummy is always the last thing to lean out. So you may be working out faithfully, eating clean, going to yoga, drinking water and reducing stress, don’t lose momentum! You are doing all of the right things. 

Don’t give up. Go slow. Go consistent. And incorporate these exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Happy working out!


5 ways to get more out of the workout that already works for you

We all have that workout that works really well for us, that we love, that we’re used to, that we just don’t want to let go of! But according to trainers, bodybuilders and health enthusiasts, we all agree that changing up your routine is key to advancing. Why? Because you want your body to change, according to Shape Magazine‘s Jay Cardiello. “The human body adapts quickly to exercise stimuli, and once it adapts it needs change.”


But what happens if you love it and your routine works for you? I see examples of this all the time, in the gym and at home or self work outs. You love that instructor at the gym, but the exercises target the same area and even though exercises may change, your body adapts and you stop seeing the results you did when you first began. Or it can happen outside of the gym.

At home, you have a limited space. You probably have a designated area and weights, perhaps you have only a certain amount of time you can workout per day.

If you workout outside, let’s say, running your route through the park, with your stretching routine, or strength training routine that works – you don’t necessarily want to stop. But your body may have hit a plateau.

How do you keep your trusted workout, keep the consistency, but challenge yourself so that you keep seeing results?

Here are some tips:

  1. Dig deeper: Even if you’re in a class, you can “dig deeper” by sitting down into your squats more, think about putting more power into your moves. If you are lunging back, feel the difference if you push off from your heels or off your toes? What gives your body more balance, more power?  are lifting up using your core as well as sinking into your legs. dig deeper
  2. Think about what you’re working: If you’re running, think about the power in your legs, in your arms. Be conscious of that. Feel that you’re equal on left and right. Feeling the power and thinking about the body part you’re working can help you focus as well as strengthen and target the areas you are working, so that you are working consciously, with purpose and power. If you are working abs, think about your abs. Feel your abs. Put your mind’s focus on that area. focus workout
  3. Find that balance between challenge and safety: Learn how to feel your body working more, but still maintain your safety. Push yourself a little more than you did in an exercise that you’re used to but keep vigilent. Digging deeper can give you a more valuable workout when it comes to caloric expenditure and muscle gain, but remember, safety first. Check your form, see that you are protecting knee joints and that you don’t feel any pain. d5e265ad1b22dd3d_squat_-lunges-FP.xxxlarge
  4. Add something: If you’re going to a class at the gym that works for you, then maybe get on the treadmill or do a weight training circuit before or after class. This will add more time and resistance; surprising your muscles with something they aren’t used to. If you don’t have time for that, maybe change the spot where you usually workout and go somewhere else. This may give you a different perspective. change your workout
  5. Add a partner: Taking a partner along with you can boost your workout. Often having someone there beside you working out can increase the power or focus of your exercise. It may help you to push harder, whereas if you were alone you may be easier on yourself. Your partner may introduce different ways of approaching your workout and make it more fun!workout_partner

Whatever you do, whether you change up your workout or keep it the same and decide to make smaller changes, the most important thing is consistency. And be proud of yourself. You are working out. You are taking time for yourself, investing in making yourself stronger, more healthy and giving back to your family and everyone around you as a result.

Keep up the good work!


How to start: food tips

I knew I wanted to make a change. I didn’t like the way my midsection looked in the mirror. I wanted my jeans to fit the way they did years ago. If you want a quick change, here’s a rough beginners plan. Eat whatever you want! Eat just as you’ve been eating! But. And here’s the change. ADD 4 foods to what you’re already eating, and eat these first, before you eat what you want to eat:

Choose one food from each list to eat every day:

1. One handful of raw nuts (not fried or salted)
2. One quarter avocado

1. One potato boiled, baked or mashed with no butter or oil
2. One sweet potato or yam boiled, baked or mashed
3. One boiled, baked or roasted squash

1. One stick celery
2. One stick carrot
3. One raw vegetable of your choice

1. One bowl berries of your choice
2. One orange
3. One apple
4. One other fruit of your choice, raw, if skin is edible with skin