Clean Eating: Stuffed Kabocha Squash

Just as we de-clutter our homes, get rid of old unneeded junk to make room for new shiny beautiful helpful things, we should do the same to our bodies.

I will talk more about creating an alkaline environment in your body but today I will show you a basic recipe for a great low calorie vitamin rich food that will help to de-clutter your body.

Kabocha squash, like butternut squash is, can be eaten with the skin. The first thing I do is choose a healthy squash who’s top and bottom are without mold or holes. I looked to see what the skin isn’t broken and looks as healthy as possible. sometimes I have eaten the skin, because it’s high in fiber and vitamins, other times I opt to just eat the sweet potato like flavor of the orange flesh inside.

I really take a sharp knife make a few incisions where I know I’m going to cut it crosswise and put the squash in the microwave for a minute or two. This softens the skin so I can cut it easily.


I like the seeds, roasting them with seasonings of your choice is a great snack and is one of the world’s healthiest foods. I grabbed the stringy flash with seeds attached with my fingers, put it in the strainer and rinse and then I have to pick apart the strings from the seeds. I put the seeds in a little bowl, add a drop of olive oil, salts and garlic pepper. But you can use anything! You can use nothing! Just the seeds roasted are delicious, full of antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory benefits, regulate blood sugar and are a great snack to watch TV with. I choose the palm seeds. I threw the small ones away.


I roast the seeds along with the stuffed squash. As for the stuffing, this time I chose ricotta cheese. I chopped up spinach, kale and chard leaves finally and sautéed them in olive oil and dried herbs. I chose a blend of rosemary, basil and time. I let it will over medium high heat for two minutes. I then added fresh chopped oregano. I turned off the heat. I just salt-and-pepper. And then threw in the ricotta.

Before I added the stuffing I drizzled a bit of extroversion olive oil on the edges and some of the skin of the squash. I don’t know if this is useful. I don’t think it made a difference. But that’s what I did.

after I stuffed it this is what it looked like:


Then I roasted it for half an hour at 350°. I kept it in the hot oven after I turned the heat off. No harm done. This is what it looked like when I took it out of the oven:

A cup of that squash has 40 cal. It is so feeling. It is so delicious! It was packed with flavor. Three Carter is high in protein so it’s such a great postworkout food and eating a squash like this at night is such a slimming and healthy food.

I highly recommend you buying a squash, stuffing it and digging in! My body felt great after making this healthy recipe.


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