My new hobby is knitting! 

I have been a knitter since March 14, 2017!

I started by learning how to knit with two pens by my work neighbor and coworker and dear friend Kathie:

She taught me the knit stitch, which is the basic stitch in knitting. It was not easy for me to learn this! I did still stumble quite a bit. 

But she gave me homework. So I practiced and practiced after I finally got it with just some cheap medium sized yarn and medium sized needles from Walmart:

And I taught myself how to find off, or cast off, make a slipknot, purl, and then began learning how to correct my mistakes.

And this was the beginning of my knitting adventure!

Stay tuned for more posts! 



7 thoughts on “My new hobby is knitting! ”

    1. Hahaha!! I agree, it’s addictive! There’s something lovely about two sticks and a ball of yarn and the click clack of the needles… when each second counts and one stitch at a time can create something beautiful.



  1. Welcome to the knitting community! Many of us started off with just some medium/worsted weight yarn and simple needles. I wish you the best of luck in your knitting adventures, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. At their worst, they’re “learning opportunities” and at their best, they’re “design elements”. Have fun!

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  2. I just decided to take up knitting so I am happy to see this post. How difficult do you reckon it is for a complete beginner to pick up? How many hours a day do you practise for? You seem to be progressing very nicely.

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    1. Hi Imani!

      Thank you for your comment!

      I think that doing a little bit of knitting every day is the best way for a beginner to begin to fall in love with knitting and become better. I try to knit for about an hour every day, or whenever I get the chance to plop myself down on my couch! Some days I knit only for about 10 minutes, some days for a couple of hours.

      I’ve heard knitters listen to podcasts, or music while knitting. I don’t mind having something easy on TV while I knit these days.

      I wish you the best in your knitting journey, I think it’s a beautiful hobby, and the community seems so wonderful and positive!


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