Half marathon? Unrelated: does love make you fat?

In my quest to keep running, perhaps to gain more time? To get my physique back? To maintain health and a positive mood? To live longer? Not sure but what I do know is that being in love has made me fat. Since falling in love with the love of my life I’ve gained over ten pounds and even though I’m still skinny, I’m skinny FAT and I’m less bouncy and my brain gets foggy and tired. I miss the days when I used to feel the muscles work through my clothes, when I could flex muscles just to feel them breathing, ALIVE.

In an article for the Daily Mail in 2013, research does suggest that falling in love makes people fat, especially women!

So I began running November 11. That week I ran 12 miles and on November 30, after about 3 weeks of running (proving it to myself) I joined a running group (a WINTER running group at that) on November 30 and I’ve run about 14 times now.

There’s a half marathon on Feb 11. It’s called the HYPO 1/2 and it takes place in Canada and a bit in the USA.

Am I ready?

I read the most inspiring article today about a great runner!

If I sign up for the half marathon I’ll only have about 6 weeks to train. I’ve been running the past 8 weeks, in a 10K training clinic. Is this possible? The only person I spoke to about it said she doesn’t think that’s enough time to train properly for a half marathon.

What do you all think?




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