Turkey muffins

With less than 8% fat, about 22g of protein in a serving of 100g, for my macros, turkey muffins were a perfect lunch idea.

When I made them yesterday I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the aroma was steaming out of the oven. I ate this over spinach and with roasted sweet potato.


500g (1 package) extra lean ground turkey
1 red bell pepper chopped into tiny squares
1/2 red onion also chopped into tiny squares
1 egg
2 teaspoons sweet chili sauce for chicken
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon Maille Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
1 teaspoon garlic pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 375° before preparation
  2. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl
  3. Drop turkey mixture into silicone molds
  4. Bake for 20 minutes. Turn oven off and let muffins set for an additional 20 minutes in warm oven.
  5. Serve with steamed vegetables, spinach, sweet potato or rice.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed these muffins! Finally, delicious turkey that was moist, flavorful  and a great lean protein that goes with other healthy options.

I will definitely be making these many more times again this year! How do you cook with ground turkey or chicken?



Half marathon? Unrelated: does love make you fat?

In my quest to keep running, perhaps to gain more time? To get my physique back? To maintain health and a positive mood? To live longer? Not sure but what I do know is that being in love has made me fat. Since falling in love with the love of my life I’ve gained over ten pounds and even though I’m still skinny, I’m skinny FAT and I’m less bouncy and my brain gets foggy and tired. I miss the days when I used to feel the muscles work through my clothes, when I could flex muscles just to feel them breathing, ALIVE.

In an article for the Daily Mail in 2013, research does suggest that falling in love makes people fat, especially women!

So I began running November 11. That week I ran 12 miles and on November 30, after about 3 weeks of running (proving it to myself) I joined a running group (a WINTER running group at that) on November 30 and I’ve run about 14 times now.

There’s a half marathon on Feb 11. It’s called the HYPO 1/2 and it takes place in Canada and a bit in the USA.

Am I ready?

I read the most inspiring article today about a great runner!

If I sign up for the half marathon I’ll only have about 6 weeks to train. I’ve been running the past 8 weeks, in a 10K training clinic. Is this possible? The only person I spoke to about it said she doesn’t think that’s enough time to train properly for a half marathon.

What do you all think?



What is the Glycemic Index?

I’ve been thinking of how to decrease my body fat, and increase my muscle. As always! And as always there were multiple factors that motivated me to do this. Number one, watching the NYC marathon, for the first time in my life, as a spectator at mile 9, cheering on random athletes and screaming out their names (as written on the front of their shirts)!

Watching a marathon is totally motivating. At least it was for me.

Second was the US election. Motivated me to get up and get stronger, get my frustrations out on the pavement and start training. It made me think, as a woman and minority, I have to work harder, be stronger and be disciplined to achieve what I need. Won’t get into details but it was something like this:

Image result for new yorker cartoon workout newsThe caption is:
“I can’t even begin to workout until I find the right news…”

Fuel for the fire that you need to maintain a workout or run!

So I began researching food, exercise and lifestyle. I joined a running club. I bought running clothes so I could run in the cold and I started teaching new and improved ViPR exercises. More on those later. But today, I thought of meal prep. And when thinking of how I was going to prep meals I had a little studying to do and I found a helpful chart I thought would be interesting to share!

It’s an interesting reminder on low glycemic foods, foods that slowly release their carbohydrate fuel as opposed to quickly, which diabetics know raises the blood sugar quickly and consequently can lead to crashes. So choosing low GI foods is a good idea when you want to provide a good solid fuel, when you’re working out and want to lose fat, feel satisfied and gain muscle!

Here you go:

I got this from the WHFoods website online.


Low GI Medium GI High GI
0-55 56-69 70 or greater


WHFoods Glycemic Index Rating System

Very Low GI Low GI Medium GI High GI
Criteria for Classification No established GI value and an available carbohydrate (avCHO) of less than 5 grams OR an established GI of less than 20 and an avCHO of less than 7 grams Either an established GI value of 55 or less OR an available carbohydrate (avCHO) value greater or more than 5 grams but less than or equal to 12 grams OR a beneficial impact on blood sugar in a preponderance of research studies An established GI vale of 56-69 An established GI value of 70 or greater


Food Group Very Low GI Low GI Medium GI High GI
World’s Healthiest Foods
Vegetables asparagus carrots beets potatoes
avocados eggplant corn
beet greens garlic leeks
bell peppers green peas sweet potatoes
bok choy onions
broccoli sea vegetables
Brussels sprouts winter squash
collard greens
fennel (bulb)
green beans
mushrooms, crimini
mustard greens
olive oil
Romaine and other lettuce
summer squash
Swiss chard
turnip greens
Fruits apples apricots
bananas cantaloupe
blueberries figs
cranberries papaya
grapefruit pineapple
grapes watermelon
plums & prunes
Nuts & Seeds flaxseeds almonds
sesame seeds cashews
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
Beans & Legumes soybeans black beans
tofu dried peas
tempeh garbanzo beans
kidney beans
lima beans
navy beans
pinto beans
Seafood cod scallops
Meats beef, grass-fed
lamb, grass-fed
turkey, pasture-raised
Dairy cheese, grass-fed
eggs, pasture-raised
cow’s milk, grass-fed
yogurt, grass-fed
Grains barley millet
brown rice
whole wheat
World’s Healthiest Spices and Herbs black pepper
chili pepper
cilantro & coriander seeds
cumin seeds
mustard seeds