Total body strength workout exercises

These are total body exercises that focus on strength training. You can choose to do your cardio before or after these. Train now so that you are ready for swimsuit season!

These are some of the strength training exercises I do in my Sunday morning tried and shred class at the gym.

Do you do muscle conditioning exercises at home or at the gym or at all?



4 thoughts on “Total body strength workout exercises”

  1. I am so bad when it comes to doing these types of exercises. I feel like I should work them in and I have but then I go back to my regular cardio workouts and ditch the strength training. Ah well, I’ll get motivated again and try adding them back in at some point.

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  2. I do my strength exercises mostly at the gym. They have a nice variety of weights and other toys. Plus I really like taking a ‘power’ class. I can easily replicate an exercise once I have seen it but from illustrations it’s really hard for me to figure out what and where to move.
    Many greetings from VA, ivonne
    PS. Love your exercise posts!

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