Post workout musings:What wins in a nutritional facts showdown, tofu or chicken? 

I love teaching my Sunday morning Tred n Shred class. Today I had 10 beautiful strong ladies who ran cardio intervals on the treadmill & then high-intensity interval training with appropriate warm-ups and cool downs. 

After class I worked out myself with the skipping rope, kettle ball and treadmill.

I was too tired to cook so I decided on a teriyaki rice bowl with vegetables. But as I walked up to the counter I was faced with a decision. The ponytailed cashier who took my order asked “chicken or tofu?” 

Tan. Tan. Taaaaaa! Decision-making time.

So count the stars as we have a nutrition show-down. Tofu versus chicken:

The results, chicken got five stars versus tofu, getting 7 stars. So I chose tofu!

It was a great post workout meal. Tofu, veggies and I got a combination of half white and half brown rice.

Do you eat tofu? If you had the choice, what would you choose? No judgment!

Have a great week my lovelies 🙂



12 thoughts on “Post workout musings:What wins in a nutritional facts showdown, tofu or chicken? ”

  1. Who is tofu? Is he/she related to yoga or yogurt? I once took a walk with a Yak in the northern regions of Afghanistan! Is that healthy? I skipped rope and intermittent fasted while dreaming of opium dens in my spare time! But I don’t know who this tofu person is! The Mystery lingers in my befuddled brain! Please, can anyone help clear up this confusion in my mind? 🤔🙄😒😔🤓

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