Some of my favourite ViPR exercises to teach

I love the ViPR. I’ve been doing ViPR workouts as part of my exercise routine for over three years now. I’ve been teaching ViPR for almost two years, as soon as became a certified ViPR instructor.

I feel like with the tool I and my clients get three things: strength training in the form of loaded movement, maximum calorie burn and dynamic flexibility training. And when I say maximum calorie burn I mean I’m dripping sweat after a 30 minute ViPR workout and I’m not even necessarily doing the highest level options given. Just holding the tool is helping my posture, my form and making me stronger.


VIPR exercises

When I teach I basically use variations tilts, carry holds, lifts, shlifts and swings, all with different handprints and footprints. I notice my core is stronger, it increases the muscle tone in the back and buttocks really well and helps to increase flexibility and mobility.

Have you ever used a ViPR or any other piece of equipment to work out with?



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