Nutrient dense foods list per calorie: Which foods give you more bang for your buck?

I talk about nutrient dense foods a lot. These are foods that are high in nutrients, usually high in fiber (so they fill you up) but are they yucky? Well no. They’re only “yucky” if you aren’t used to feeding your body natural plant-based foods high in vitamins and nutrition.

Here’s a chart:


I love pizza, burgers, soda, cheese and my favourite, I’m not ashamed to admit, is poutine. If you don’t know what that is, don’t look it up. Don’t ask. Just run away. You’re better off. It’s too delicious for me to resist, and eating it isn’t exactly good for my health. Well, in small amounts, it’s perfect. It makes me happy. So it’s totally worth it.

But it’s also totally worth it to have a good working healthy body. Good sleep. Happiness. Assurance you’ll be around for those who love you. So guys – remember nutrient dense foods. The vegetables. Try and eat more. That’s all.

What are your favourite vegetables? How many vegetables do you eat in a day?

Have a great one and may the force be with you (now you know what I’ve been watching.)



5 thoughts on “Nutrient dense foods list per calorie: Which foods give you more bang for your buck?”

  1. My favourite vegetables would be the green leafy ones, probably because in the raw they have a crunch and I am a totally crunchy person.
    I try to eat as many as I see and can get my hands on and eat without making a mess on myself( teeth, hair, clothes etc..)

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