The most awesome vegetarian lasagna I ever made

New Years Eve was decidedly a night at home, something low in saturated fat, and the Star Wars trilogy since it had been over thirty years since I’d seen it, when I was a very small child; a baby even. 

I’d gone shopping earlier in the day at a gourmet type shopping market. 

I felt it was in the expensive side at the time but after we ate I’m so glad I bought those ingredients.  

The tomato sauce, Rao’s … Totally worth it. At ten bucks a bottle too. 

I’m not going to list a recipe here. I just followed the directions on the ready-made lasagna noodles. It’s another brand that I would definitely buy again. I used fresh basil, ricotta, a mozzarella ball, parmigiano Reggiano, pesto, an organic zucchini, mushrooms, half a block of frozen spinach and an organic free range egg.



This went into the oven for 25 minutes at 350°. Then we took the foil cover off and baked it for 10 more minutes. The last two minutes we broiled it – but watch it-you don’t want it to burn.

During the last 10 minutes of cooking we made a simple garlic butter on fresh bread. We combined a heaping tablespoon of butter, half teaspoon crushed dried oregano, and half teaspoon garlic purée.

This dinner was fantastic. The fresh ingredients made a distinctive difference in the flavor, texture and quality of the dish.

I will definitely make this again! The next day we reheated it and ate it for lunch with spinach, arugula and sprouted mung bean lemon salad. 


What’s your favorite lasagna recipe?

This is def my new fav recipe :))



12 thoughts on “The most awesome vegetarian lasagna I ever made”

  1. Looks and sounds really good! Cook’s Illustrated has a vegetable lasagne that turned out really good, it had eggplant in it. Another one I like is Skillet Lasagna, that one might be Cook’s Country but I use ground turkey or ground chicken in it instead of beef.

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  2. I ‘be made a similar lasagne except I used organic frozen spinach and no mushrooms and usually no zucchini, although I’ve put in roasted zucchini. That was good! For the bread, I like to warm a sliced artisan bread, usually pain di campagne and make a an olive oil dip that comprises extra virgin olive oil, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, finely grated Parmesan cheese, oregano, and basil.

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