Eat a bowl of pomegranate seeds

They’re like little ruby jewels; packed with nutritional benefits and flavour. These red little soldiers fight against disease in the body.

 In the middle of each Golden Nugget is an edible seed filled with antioxidants and dietary medicine.

Pomegranate in a bowl. Photography by Rizwan Alvi

Gorgeous little ruby jewels packed with good nutrition. Photography by Rizwan Alvi

Fruit breakfast spread. Photography by Rizwan Alvi
They say eat the rainbow, and these ruby red juicy pearls are no exception. Pomegranates are packed with good things healthy for you. There are so many benefits:

Do you like pomegranates? I like to just eat them with a spoon from a bowl. How do you eat pomegranate?


5 thoughts on “Eat a bowl of pomegranate seeds”

  1. I like them in either fruit salad or even green salad, but when the ones on our bush are ripe, I will eat a whole one as a snack – our own are smaller than the ones you find in the store, the rinds never get ruby red and they taste much sweeter.

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