Fat burning foods picture chart

There are times when I just want to see a chart of fat burning foods because my weight isn’t going where I want it to!

As we age our bodies lose muscle and gain fat naturally. There is a way to reverse this of course. It is to move more and take in less calories. I also believe it’s important to make the calories you take… Count. So make those calories nutrient dense ones.

Choose fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean meats. Here is a chart with pictures of fat burning foods:

But at the end of the day let’s be reasonable. Eating an unreasonable amount of calories of any food will cause you to gain weight. But notice there is no cake, pizza, chocolate bars, bags of chips or ice cream on that list?

I’m talking to myself here. I love pizza. And all the stuff I listed above. But it’s important to be reminded, with pictures even, of foods we should choose before pizza and chips!

Do you agree that the foods on this list are healthy? What foods are missing from this fat burning foods list?



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