How mushrooms help regulate cholesterol and detoxify

There’s something I like about bringing mushrooms home to cook. Whether I am sautéing them, stuffing them or eating them raw, I’ve always love the taste and texture of mushrooms. All kinds.

I love them in restaurants but remember to cook them at home regularly as well.

Even though food in gourmet restaurants may taste better, cooking at home gives you the highest levels of healthy vitamins and macronutrients. This is, assuming you are controlling levels of butter, oil and other types of saturated fat. 


Portobello mushroom stroganoff. Photography by Serena Alibhai
Mushrooms contain Vitamins such as niacin, also known as vitamin B-3, control cholesterol levels and filter toxins. 

Here are some interesting facts on mushrooms, and why you should bring them into your kitchen more often:

Do you like, dislike or love mushrooms? How do you like to eat them?



3 thoughts on “How mushrooms help regulate cholesterol and detoxify”

  1. I absolutely LOVE mushrooms! I make a Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup from Cook’s Illustrated that we love and I won’t eat a pizza that doesn’t have mushrooms on it, well, I will, but it’s not as satisfying. 🙂

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