My great vegetable sandwich

This is a “building idea” blog. In the following, if you decide to keep reading, you will find ideas on how to build your own delicious healthy vegetable sandwich as I did mine.


Choose a great tasting high-fiber delicious fresh bread. I chose something called purple loaf that I found at the farmers market. 



Choose toppings that you love. These include thinly sliced cucumber. I sliced mine on a small cute handheld mandolin.

Also include shredded carrots, red peppers, olives, pesto, green leafy things, marinated aubergine,thinly sliced apple, tomatoes, okra or slices of potato.



Use complementary spreads.

I spread almond butter on one side of my bread and a hot sweet mustard on the other. This may not sound complementary but vegetables are different from meat or fish or chicken. 

Flavors that might not go together in your mind made go beautifully in a vegetable sandwich. Think of fig jams with peanut butter or a hot lemon salsa with sunflower seed butter.

Have you ever made a vegetable sandwich? How did it go? Do you think you’re going to try making a vegetable sandwich?



11 thoughts on “My great vegetable sandwich”

  1. Nice recipe-I should try it.
    I have one recipe- bread with chutney inside.
    The chutney is made with grated coconut, green chillies to taste, a couple of mint leaves and salt all ground to a fine paste together.
    Butter the bread and spread the chutney paste ( made with minimal water- to get a paste like consistency). Top with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers or even lettuce. Then eat.

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  2. Don’t forget sweet onion — vidalia. It will make it even more flavorful, although I guess I would use plain hummus instead of almond butter if I do put in the onion.I would instead put fresh blueberries or strawberries if using almond butter.

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