Great sources of plant protein

The more you know, the more you may change. While you may not be ready to transition into complete vegetarianism or veganism, cutting down the amount of meat to eat is healthy and good for the environment.

Here are some plant protein sources for you to browse through:

Mushrooms lol!! 

Do you take breaks from eating meat? Are you a vegetarian? What are some great simple food ideas that are plant-based but high in protein in your diet?

I will be trying to eat less meat, so I’d love ideas! Last week I made two work salads with veggie meatballs I found from IKea instead of my usual chicken breast or seafood.



6 thoughts on “Great sources of plant protein”

  1. The #1 question everyone asks when they encounter a vegetarian “how do you get enough protein?” The average American consumes entirely too much protein, there is plenty to be found in vegetarian sources as you show here. I love adding beans, nuts and seeds to my salads, of course tofu, tempeh, eggs, cheese, yogurt and lots and lots of veggies, yum! check out my take on delicious vegetarian recipes at Enjoy!

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