Meal prep: 3 steps to my perfect work salad 

This salad changes slightly, depending what is in season, but mainly the basics are the same.

Everyone has different taste buds, dislikes and likes, but I think it’s possible for everyone to enjoy… truly enjoy… A great salad every day.

Plus a salad is easy to take to work. You can put it in the fridge as soon as you get in, it doesn’t stink up your area and it’s easy to clean afterwards.

I start my process with greens. And then I layer. It took me a while to discover which greens were my favorite. Then I add at least one healthy delicious fat, one lean protein and the rest is just healthy vegetables or toppings that I like.

Step one:

The greens

I decided on a combination of two different types of greens because I like the way the flavors mingle.

Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

I layer the greens in my lunch box container.

I always chop my greens because that way you can fit more greens in and you can eat your salad neatly. Big huge leaves or pieces of vegetables are hard to fit in your mouth!

Ideally you want four large handfuls of greens to chop. When you chop it up, it will settle nicely into the bottom of your container.

First layer of work salad. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Chop your greens. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

Step two:

Dressing your salad

If it doesn’t taste good and you’re not going to eat it so what’s the point?

Don’t bother with store-bought dressings. The matter what the label says it’s not in the healthy fat category. Healthy fats will be things like avocado, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, sardines, salmon, mackerel, pate or liver.

So for me, dressing is fresh lemon, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. These minimal but delicious seasonings bring out the freshness of your greens, your protein and mingle well with your fats to create a great tasting salad.

Lemon adds great flavor. Add just a bit so your salad doesn’t get soggy. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

Step three:

Top with your favorite stuff.

I like to keep it simple.

Even though I had carrots, cucumbers, some great tomatoes, cottage cheese and some other delicious ingredients, I decided to keep it simple.

I chose rotisserie chicken breast, some flavorful olives and goat cheese.

Chicken breast on bed of greens. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Olives. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Goats cheese, chopped olives and chicken breast on greens. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

And then just to make sure everything was going to taste great, I added a light drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar on top.

Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace
Drizzle balsamic vinegar on top if you wish. Photography by Serena Alibhai @serenapeace

And then of course put the lid on, place and lunch bag and into the fridge. Meal prep done, salad ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

What do you prepare for your work lunches? Do you ever take salads? So interested in hearing what you guys do!



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