Egg veggie skillet for dinner

Ever since I ate what was called a “garden skillet” at a small restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore, I’ve been making my own skillets. 

Depending on where I am in my fitness journey, I make the skillet with more or less fat.

This time I left out the cheese. You can add meat if you like, I have done that in the past, but today I kept it vegetarian.

I started with olive oil in a hot pan. Then I added frozen hashbrowns, and chopped fresh red cabbage I got at the farmers market.


Photography by Serena Alibhai

I then season this with lemon, Braggs amino acid’s, and a garlic and herb sodium free spice mixture. 
Next I add a powder soup stock, I used a Japanese one with sesame seeds, to 2 eggs.


Photography by Serena Alibhai

Then I spread out the potato cabbage mixture evenly, beat the eggs with a tablespoon of cold water, and pour the egg mixture over the potato cabbage mixture. 
The cold water ensures that the eggs are light and fluffy.

Then I move the pan so the egg mixture spreads to the edges evenly. Then I turn off the heat and cover for at least five minutes.

The steam will cook the eggs.


Spread beat egg over cooked potatoes and cabbage. Photography by Serena Alibhai
Eggs will cook by steam. Photography by Serena Alibhai
Steam until eggs are cooked the way you like it. Photography by Serena Alibhai

If calories are not an issue, now is the time to top with sour cream, cheese or salsa. When I want to cut out extra fat I will top this with Greek yogurt, Tabasco and fresh salsa. Just as delicious!

Have you ever made a skillet with eggs like this one?



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