Vitamin B: the types, foods and benefits?

I only remember being in Africa, a friend of mine getting Malaria, and his mum coming home from the pharmacy giving him a box of vials.

He immediately opened the bag, open the box, cracked open a vile and took the black liquid in like a shot of Tequila.

It was liquid B vitamin complex.

It wasn’t meant to cure his malaria, drugs would do that no problem, but it was meant to help his immunity.

The vitamin B complex my friend took was also meant to help him with fatigue, help him sleep and prevent headache.

What foods have vitamin B complex? I can never get it straight. Here is a handy chart:

Do you take vitamin B complex as a vitamin supplement or as food?



8 thoughts on “Vitamin B: the types, foods and benefits?”

  1. As a vegan, it’s a little harder to get B12 so I eat my nuts, veggies and Nutritional yeast. It is rich in B12 and I hate supplements so I just add 2 tablespoons of that to my meals. It has a mild cheesy taste which is quite pleasant.

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  2. This is good information. One thing to note for the benefit of your readers is that the B vitamins are water soluble meaning that you don’t store significant amounts of them within the body. You have to get enough each day to support the biochemical processes that depend on them! Thanks for sharing.

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