Super health powerhouse: cruciferous vegetable soup

There are so many benefits to eating cruciferous vegetables.

And since the season is autumn, as the days get shorter and colder, warm vegetable soup is a great choice.

Vegetable soup not only fills you up because of all the fiber, minerals and vitamins, but also gives your body a break from meat.

This soup contains cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, tofu, carrots, rice noodles and fresh herbs.

photography by Rizwan Alvi  @rizwanalvifoto (Instagram)

Add beans sprouts and a squeeze of lime for an extra flavor and nutrition boost.

photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto (Instagram)

Do you believe in the nutritional benefits of cruciferous vegetables?



8 thoughts on “Super health powerhouse: cruciferous vegetable soup”

    1. Try eating more than you normally would because vegetables, so low in calories, take longer to fill you up. But they will. At the end of the day I think even if you are eating vegetable soup as an appetizer before a meal… It’s great for your body. xxSerena

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  1. So long as your vegetables are organic and not GMO any amount you add to your diet will be beneficial. A word to young mothers too. Give your baby vegetables and fruits, even if you don’t like them. Exposing your child, from a young age, to vegetables will ensure he will eat these healthier alternatives as an adult.

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  2. Also, helps to eat slower when consuming food. It takes our brains twenty minutes to signal that we are full. ie, take a bite of your food then put the fork or the burger down. Chew slowly and taste your food. Then take another bite. Vegetables should fill you up but I understand what Serena is saying about low calorie veggies though. This definitely looks delish!

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  3. Ooohhh, so pretty . . . it’s like healthy Chinese. I haven’t been eating very healthy today, I had leftover pork n’ beans for lunch — but that’s okay, I’ll have a protein shake for lunch tomorrow. Awesome post! 🙂


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