Is sushi healthy?

Depending on your weight loss or weight maintenance goals, sushi can be healthy!

Photography by @rizwanalvifoto

For myself, sushi is not deep-fried, I like my Japanese food heavy on the fish and greens.

Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Tuna belly. Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Sashimi. Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto

And most importantly, good quality sushi (I have experienced this in Seattle and Vancouver) puts a smile on my face. But the smile radiates to every single poor inside of my body. I have loved sushi since it first entered my mouth at the age of five!

Seattle. Photography by @rizwanalvifoto
Photography by @rizwanalvifoto

But whether you love it or hate it, it’s important to make room in your diet for the foods that you love.

Now the question of the dayโ€ฆ Is sushi healthy?

What do you think? Is sushi healthy? Do you even like it? Where have you eaten the best sushi?



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