The dangers of antiperspirant and deodorants 

We need odour protection, some sort of natural and safe alternative to antiperspirants and harmful chemical-laden deodorants. We use this on our skin every day. And it’s important to remember that the skin is a semi permeable membrane. What we put on our skin, goes into our pores, and into our bodies.

If we are putting chemicals into our bodies every single day, all the eating right, exercise and deep breathing has to compete with these foreign bodies. Educate yourself on the ingredients of not only the foods you eat, but what you put on to your skin.

Even some natural “healthy” deodorants have dangerous chemicals in them!

I have always used a homemade, natural deodorant that works like a charm. Throughout my strength workouts, outdoor runs and hours of yoga, my deodorant keeps me smelling great and feeling great.

Mine has essential oils such as a rosemary, lavender, white grapefruit, etc. It also contains very fine starches, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil and activated charcoal to suck out the toxins from my pores. I did a lot of research before finding my perfect formula, and so should you!

Whatever works for you, make sure that you are aware of what you were putting on to your skin. It should be as safe as what you put into your mouth as food.

I urge you to do your research, smell great and be safe!



15 thoughts on “The dangers of antiperspirant and deodorants ”

    1. I buy activated charcoal pills from the health food store and open up the capsules. I was introduced to activated charcoal when I felt a little nauseous one day after eating something… And was told activated charcoal will stop food poisoning… After taking the pills I was fine … And realized what a precious thing activated charcoal is :)) xxS

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    1. I use a mixture of coconut oil, beeswax, Arrowroot starch, activated charcoal, my special blend of essential oils and milk of magnesia … I rate the ratios down in my book and make a batch for myself, friends and family :))

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