Top 10 exercise myths

With so much information out there, large marketing budgets, and the competition that exists in the health and fitness industry, it’s hard to tell what is beneficial versus what are simply myths. 

The new technological do-dad is cute, it may motivate, but it’s $100 and do you really need it? Do you need to down some powder stuff half an hour after every workout? What about that packaged protein bar? Will it make you skinny? Healthy? Maybe so, but probably not. There are so many exercise, fitness and health myths out there.

This might be controversial because if something works for you, it’s positive. If you like something and it’s working then keep doing it!

But let’s put things into perspective and not believe all the hype shall we?


So does keeping it low and slow burn more calories? No. The more work you do the more calories you burn. The more ‘smart’ your strength training, the more muscle you build.

So keep it simple. Work out for 20 minutes a day. Try and aim for a balance between flexibility training, strength training and cardio. Take the stairs when you have a choice. Take walks. Drink water. Clean your own house. Smile. And go to sleep early ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish you happy and healthy lives. 



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