3 handfuls of natural raw fat-fighting snacks 

Handfuls of healthy snacks can curb hunger and give you a boost when you need it. A handful is also great because it gives direction as to portion control. Everyone’s hands are different. Your hands are tailored to measure perfectly how much food is enough for you. 

Remember to listen to your body. Often what you your eyes gravitate to is what your body needs at that moment. 

Also remember to surround yourself with nutrient-dense raw natural snacks. Not processed, baked, pre-made packaged ones. Keep it simple. 

Here are three great examples of eating in handfuls. Let’s begin with raspberries.

Nuts are excellent to snack on. It’s optimal brain food.

Let’s take a closer look at almonds. Growing up, we were told that eating seven almonds  day would keep our memory strong and sharp.

Finally, delicious sweet juicy cherry tomatoes.

What are some of your favorite healthy handfuls?



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