What fast food really looks like (with pictures!)

It looks so good on TV doesn’t it? And it’s so convenient. For a low price, you fuel your hunger without the wait. Quick, inexpensive and destructive to your insides. Too much fat, and the wrong kind of fat. The kind of fat that sticks to your intestines for more than the day instead of clean real food with fiber and a healthy amounts of vitamins. 

Also, through the zippy cartoon-like drive through you get higher than necessary amounts of salt. And of course they offer you a sugary drink for just a few cents extra … And it’s so tempting because it’s icy cold! The high influx of sugar is not good for your brain or your joints or the health of your eyes, skin or hair.

And then of course there are the preservatives. These preservatives are not put in the food to help your body. They are injected in the fast food so that the large food company can keep their product on shelves, trucks, warehouses for longer and save money. So you are basically eating chemical medicines not meant for human consumption!

I like this visual because it shows what it looks like on TV or the large billboard as we drive by and then right beside that… We see what it really looks like. I wish they would put “the real thing” on the poster! So many of us would less likely be buying into the “delicious bargain.” 

Please think twice about getting something fast, salty, fatty and cheap. I’ve done it myself. It’s so salty delicious! It’s a sinful pleasure. But it is not good for our bodies in the long run.

Remember that food is fuel and I wish all of you happy healthy futures with those who love you and who you love.



9 thoughts on “What fast food really looks like (with pictures!)”

  1. I gave up fast food about five years ago and do not miss it! Most contain MSG and other preservatives that are also bad for you and can make you feel sick. Occasionally when I’m on the road I get Jimmy John’s or Wendy’s which are options that do not contain as much preservatives when you need to eat quick. Moderation is key!

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  2. They are all staged and sprayed. No thank you to them. What stops me is knowing they’re not certified GMOfree and they have high sodium content.That’s true too though for non-fast restaurant food too. That’s why I am selective in going out and rarely eat out.

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  3. The biggest problem for me is no longer being Real Food. Instead is packed with artificial flavor, colors and other unwanted and not needed ingredients. I used to feel so sick after eating one hamburger or hot dog! I gave it up more than 2 years ago and never looked back. If I want a hamburger, I’ll buy grass fed beef and make my own. That way I get the benefits and nutrients too, which fast food burgers have none left. Great post Serena!! I love reading them ~ Andrada ~

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