12 ways that swimming helps your body mind and spirit

According to a scientific study swimming reduces early death by 50%! Another interesting tidbit is that swimming actually helps to replace damaged brain cells.

Because you are working in the water, the rules of physics and biochemistry change. This impacts your body in a positive way; is also exercises your entire body. 

Swimming gives the body a different set of movements and forces the body to exercise a totally different locomotive structure. This exercises your brain in ways that just don’t happen on land.


Swimming in salt water brings even more benefit to your body. The natural salt cleans any infections, heels cuts and even cleans out your sinuses. 

How often do you swim? If not often, consider going for a swim!



3 thoughts on “12 ways that swimming helps your body mind and spirit”

  1. I love swimming, but I can’t say I do it all that often. When I was a kid we had an inground pool in the backyard and we would swim all summer!

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