10 herbs that heal 

The body often craves foods when it’s deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral. In some countries pregnant women nibble on clay to get the minerals they need, without understanding why they crave it so much. 

But what if you are bloated? Have digestive problems? Have a bad cough? Achy joints?

Here’s a chart that explains the benefits of 10 herbs that heal 10 different ailments.

Food is like medicine. Knowing what to eat when can develop as you learn to listen to your body, creating an awareness between your mind and body.

What herbs do you use to heal?



14 thoughts on “10 herbs that heal ”

  1. Such a great topic! I have been interested in herbal/natural medicine for many years now. I have a book called: “The Practical Herbal Medicine Handbook”, it’s great. I would recommend it if you are curious about the topic. 🙂

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