Super weight loss food: oatmeal

Oatmeal is a super weight loss food. There are gluten-free varieties for those who need it. It’s packed with vitamins, fibre and mood-balancing sugars.

It is easy to make, there are many varieties to choose from, you can dress it up with nuts and fruit, it is inexpensive and versatile.

It’s a simple grain, and often those are the best. If you are lazy to cook in the morning you can soak them overnight by making overnight oats. I wrote a blog about how you can do that but you can just Google overnight oats and you will get pages and pages of great recipes.

Whenever I choose to eat oatmeal, I notice a positive difference in my body. I feel leaner, cleaner and less hungry. Since oatmeal is high in fiber and vitamins it keeps you full for longer so is a perfect weight loss food.

There are so many ways to cook oatmeal; everyone likes a different consistency. You can adjust how thick your oatmeal is by using differing amounts of water or milk.

What is your favorite way to eat oatmeal?



8 thoughts on “Super weight loss food: oatmeal”

  1. I like to eat oats with any curry/soup made at home. I cook a tablespoon with any chicken/vegetable stew or soup I have at home. So I have different flavors everyday.


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