Beauty Secret: Activated Charcoal facemask

After getting an upset stomach, my friend passed me two little black capsules. “Activated charcoal,” he said. I had just eaten a bowl of spicy lamb noodles and a black sesame ice cream cone within the span of an hour. I was stuffed and wasn’t feeling very good. 

He said, “I take these as soon as I feel like I have had food poisoning. Upset stomach. Rumbling tummy. A little nauseous.” That’s exactly how I felt so I took the two activated charcoal and then half an hour I was as happy as a clam who had managed to escaped from the bake.

Apparently the activated charcoal sops up all the toxins like a sponge. And apparently it isn’t only effective inside of your body. There are many uses. 

I have yet to experiment properly with activated charcoal but after taking two of those little magical pills I am a believer. I think back to my favorite African black soap, and how well it cleaned, it must have had activated charcoal in it. In my research I found out there were many products on the market with activated charcoal:

Here is a simple do it yourself recipe for homemade beauty mask containing activated charcoal. It’s easy. You only need aloe vera, activated charcoal and A little bit of water.


I’m going to try it as soon as I can find some activated charcoal! In the picture I was experimenting with a Dead Sea salt mud mask. Maybe you guys can try it and let me know how it works? Best of luck 🙂



7 thoughts on “Beauty Secret: Activated Charcoal facemask”

  1. When my son was little he had to go to the emergency room after ingesting something he shouldn’t have and they gave him liquid charcoal (yuck) but you’re right in that it does absord toxins. I’ll have to look into the face mask. Thx good post!!

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