Fried egg tomato and avocado sandwich

Another blogger created this wonderful combo and I’m passing it along to you guys. This sandwich will knock your tongue in the dirt.

You will need eggs:

Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto

First you are going to slice your tomato and season it with salt and pepper. Then cut up half an avocado. Season that also, squirt lemon on the avocado. Choose a ripe, soft avocado, like butter.

Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto

Then season with mustard, and the piece de resistance: A perfectly fried golden egg.

Best sandwich ever. Photography by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto

Put it altogether and voilà! A great fried egg sandwich with tomato and avocado.

Photography and food styling by Rizwan Alvi @rizwanalvifoto

What’s your favorite egg sandwich?



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