How to make your own ice pack for ankle injuries

I know an ankle injury can be tough, I’ve gone through it. One excellent piece of advice was to stop limping as quickly as possible. Never to overwork the injury, but not too baby it too much either.

As with muscle sprain, it is best to keep moving. Too much bedrest is actually one of the worst things one can do, the doctor told me. So for an ankle injury, or muscle strain, keep moving. Gentle, kind soft movements will help get you back on track. 

Remembering the RICE method is helpful: 

Elevation and keeping ice on your injury is key in my opinion. Those two things helped me the most. If you don’t have an ice pack you can make one at home very easily. I like this DIY recipe for an ice pack since the bag is easily manipulated over the shape of your ankle:

What has your experience been with ankle injuries?



5 thoughts on “How to make your own ice pack for ankle injuries”

  1. I sprained my ankle two days ago. After icing and then elevating overnight, I still had a large golf ball on the side of my foot. I found that compression with an ankle brace from the drug store really helped, and that the more I walked on it with that brace, the more easily I was able to walk! I was even able to go up stairs alternating feet! I always knew about ice and elevation, but the compression and walking actually did help it a lot!


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