How deep breathing can add years to your life and make you happier

There are certain cancer medicines that cost about $60K but will prolong the patients lifespan by 4 months. After hearing this, I realized just how precious life is and how much people are willing to pay to prolong it.

I was always taught the power of deep breathing. Once, sitting with a yogi guru holy man, he explained that they believed a person was born with a certain number of breaths.

So the person who takes slow controlled deep breath will live longer. The person who takes fast quick shallow breaths will die sooner.

Another yoga master taught me that deep breathing causes the same effect as eating vegetables: it creates an alkaline environment in the body. And in this environment, disease cannot proliferate.  

In yoga we learn about Pranayama. And true practitioners of yoga understand the importance of breathing. Firstly, it connects the mind to the body thereby giving a greater sense of awareness.

Secondly, it gives the body a sense of peace. This piece then translates to an inner deep happiness. And with that comes knowledge and perspective. After this is achieved, anything can be achieved. 

Pranayama leads to the knowledge of how to harness and understand the power that lies within you.

Of course, this is a lifelong practice. The sooner you start, the more beneficial. Don’t feel badly if you don’t succeed in one or a few attempts. This is an exercise in appreciating the journey and not focusing on the end result.

Here are some exercises to help you with deep breathing:



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