Beauty secrets: Are you a gossip or a bully and don’t know it?

We make mistakes sometimes. All of us. I’ll catch myself saying something about someone else, someone I barely know, and only later on think… Was that fair? What made me say that? Why did I continue to listen to somebody gossip about someone else? Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in another persons opinion, no matter how wrong or inaccurate that opinion is. It goes beyond gossip. I’m talking about bullying. 

A few days ago I said something careless about someone I barely knew.   I don’t usually gossip. I hate it when other people do it. And here I was, I found myself doing the same thing? I made some remarks that I now regret.


I’m actually ashamed of myself for saying it, it’s been bothering me for a few days. I did the very thing I pride myself in not doing. I don’t know that person’s struggles, and I have no right. If the tables were turned, I wouldn’t appreciate someone saying that about me behind my back! 

I think a lot of times it starts with gossip. I say something negative  about someone else because of maybe an insecurity of my own. Maybe a part of me is jealous. Or hurt by a past unrelated wrongdoing to me. The fact is, we all make mistakes. But the purpose of this blog post is to remind ourselves to do the right thing. 

What we think impacts what we say and what we say impacts what we do.
We have all been bullied. And we have all bullied, I think, intentionally or carelessly, at least I have. I don’t think this is intentional, but it happens. And when it happens it hurts people. It also says something about… Me. It said something about me the times I did it. 

I would love to practice 100% humility all the time, but I make mistakes. I have listened to gossip. I have participated in gossip. And I have said things about other people that I don’t think are fair.

I want to stop doing that. I don’t think it’s good for me, and it’s just not accurate. I think the solution is just to be more conscious. More aware. Be honest with the mistakes and misjudgments I made.

Going forward, I’m going to forgive myself. But try not to let that happen again. I don’t want to be the type of person who says negative things about anyone else. No more mistakes. I know right from wrong. And I don’t like feeling guilty or badly. 

From now, no judgment. No more! Everyone has their own struggles and it’s not my place to offer an opinion. I’m not going to bully anyone else or myself.





6 thoughts on “Beauty secrets: Are you a gossip or a bully and don’t know it?”

  1. What a great post! I think many women actually bully themselves too. A lot of has negative self-talk going on in our heads throughout the day, especially about our bodies. I’m always trying to turn that around.

    As for gossiping and bullying, I agree 100% – we have no idea what others are dealing with and nothing gives us the right to judge them. Like my mom always said, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. No one is perfect and we wouldn’t want others pointing out our flaws all day long!

    The hard part for me is at work! Office culture is full of politics and nonsense where grown women act like high school girls (not always, but it does happen a lot more than I’d like). I always try to ignore them but it’s hard when it’s a superior doing it and being the one who “doesn’t fit in” (never a nice feeling).

    However, I’d sooner be a good person than be friends with people like that! Thanks for the reminder.

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