50 flat-belly foods shopping list

When I want to slim down I try cutting out crispy salty snacks or sugary balls of yum that I really love but I know that are bad for me. These things are potato chips, soda and juice. Basically deep-fried stuff, white flour and sugar. 

The more you eat foods like that the more you crave them. So it’s important to have healthy foods around you at home. This way you are more likely to eat clean. And if you make a few mistakes along the way, no big deal.

Here are 50 flat belly foods: 

What are your favorite flat belly foods?



8 thoughts on “50 flat-belly foods shopping list”

  1. Love this list – all my favorites are there. And yes – the occasional chips, ice-cream and savory snacks seem too yummy to pass off sometimes. Not a saint when it comes to clean eating!

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