Adult face acne: where you get a zit may reflect what’s happening inside your body

A few years ago I got a really great collagen facial in Las Vegas. The esthetian told me with confidence that when pimples show up on your face is a reflection of what is happening on the inside.

She explained that there were zones on the face, where pimples showed up, if there was an imbalance. 

For example, if you get a pimple on your chin area it reflects an emotional strain. Perhaps you were going through a break up or another type of emotional worry?

Do you believe this is true? Does inflammation, acne or red spots on the face indicate what is happening internally, inside of your body?



11 thoughts on “Adult face acne: where you get a zit may reflect what’s happening inside your body”

  1. I do not think this is necessarily true. It MAY be in some situations, but not in others. I have been an acne sufferrer all my life and never have had any problems with my internal organs, hormones or other parts of the internal body as this states. I have managed to clear up my acne with a specific regimen that I will be discussing in my blog. There are other reasons that people have acne and it took me many years to uncover the reasons behind mine. Hopefully, my article will assist someone out there rid their skin of their acne. I know how miserable it is to be a woman and want to have clear skin. I finally have accomplished just that!! Although, my acne problem was not due to the reasons in this theory. I am sorry to say that this theory is not 100% correct or for everyone. Just like the reason that I have acne is not why everyone else may have it. But, maybe at least a few people may benefit from someone’s experience.


      1. So sorry to disagree, but I know my skin did not fit that pattern. I just posted my skincare routine and how to combat acne. Try to check it out. Maybe it will help you. I know for me it was an allergy to certain products, not any problem internally. Before you worry about internal problems check that you are not allergic to your products. Many people are and just do not know/realize they are. I got the idea off of you tube. My favorite beauty guru was allergic to a foundation. So, I began to watch my skin while I was on vacation and not wearing my foundation. By golly did it clear up! It was an allergy. I switched foundations and now I no longer have the dreaded acne!! Check your skin like I did mine. Just in case. Maybe it will help if not you someone out there. I hope! It was a good post though and I have heard of this theory. It may work for some cases, I just do not think it is 100% for all. Everyone is different.


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