Your body on yoga: 10 reasons to go to a class today

Yoga helps the body prevent an injury or decrease the amount of time it takes to recover from one in my experience. 

A regular, consistent practice brings about an awareness between your mind and your body. This “awareness” is what, in my opinion, prevents injury. In yoga, we learn to slow down, in effect, doing things “properly.” 

This slowing down balances our every day “speeding” through life trying to get to a destination. In haste, mistakes are made. Busy is an old concept.

Quality comes from doing something properly, making mistakes, learning from them, having a sense of satisfaction, doing the work you love with care. 

Someone wise once told me, “the fastest way to do something is to do it slowly.” What that means is do things properly the first time. Don’t rush. Don’t push too hard. 

Be graceful. Be kind. Soft and understanding. Generous. And yoga is not about competition. Don’t look at others around you. Focus on your own body, your own balance, your own strength.

Yoga has brought me balance, happiness, strong body, perspective, forgiveness, peace and love.

I encourage you to go take a class today!



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