23 things to do when you are sad

  1. Start reading a mystery novel
  2. Drink a cold glass of fresh water
  3. Roll down a hill
  4. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers
  5. Cook a big pot of spaghetti
  6. Read a comic book
  7. Eat a piece of chocolate
  8. Cry it out, pick yourself up and then smile after
  9. Write down 10 things you are truly grateful for
  10. Tell someone you love them
  11. Write in your journal
  12. Go to a yoga class
  13. Pray
  14. Do a small, fun, easy craft project
  15. Take a walk through the farmers market
  16. Listen to live music
  17. Complete a puzzle
  18. Write a love poem to yourself
  19. Steam your face over a simmering bowl of flowers or essential oil
  20. Have your friend give you a make over
  21. Go to a community art class
  22. Call one of your best friends and talk for an hour on the phone
  23. Remember that this time next year things will be different and better

Here are 23 other things to do when you are sad:

What do you do when you are sad?



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