Five detox water recipes to cleanse your liver

Detox out of the box! And dive into the water. By detoxing I mean giving your body a change from what it’s used to. For this blog post, I am talking about simply giving your liver a break from overly processed, oily, fatty, protein-rich foods. Why? 

Protein rich foods take a long time to digest. They’re made of complex chains of amino acids, different organs have to break them down and use them in different parts of the body. These foods are crucial, but sometimes, the body needs a break. Eating rich foods like meat, oils or drinking alcohol has our liver and other organs working overtime. With some people, it shows up in their skin with a dull complexion or acne.

Our liver can handle it of course. But overworking it isn’t wise. Give your liver a break. What’s the best way to do this? Deep slow controlled breathing like you do in yoga class. Meditate. Smile and be kind to others. Be genuine. Sleep well. These things will relax your body and organs, including your liver. And …

Drink water. 

Water will flush out toxins and metabolize fat. 

But if you dislike water or find it boring, here are five ways you can dress up your water:


Now, if you are eating so clean already that a detox like this is going to be exactly the same as what you are already doing, please stop reading this blog and go get a big Mac. Seriously. Or pizza. Balance is key! But for those of you who are living a little or a lot, if you have excess fat around your midsection, or if you are eating too much sugar, drink more water.

Drink water all day long. Do you dress up your plain old water? I love it just as it is, but I do love fruity flavours! My favorite additions to water are cucumbers and lime.

Do you ever dress up your water? What do you do?



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