Six pack abs exercises and abdominal workout just for you

Strength training is as important as flexibility training and cardiovascular exercise. The three work hand-in-hand. When working out, I usually leave my abs to the end. The reason is because your abs are getting a work out throughout; cardio, full body workout and maybe a rowing machine.

You don’t want to tire out your abdominal muscles right away because this could compromise your posture for full body exercises. Remember your abs work hand-in-hand with your back. Your entire core is connected.

So be safe. Don’t forget to stretch after your workouts. Warm up before cardiovascular exercise or strength training. This allows your body to gradually increase its temperature, range of movement, flexibility of joints, etc.

Be nice your body. Don’t shock it unnecessarily. 

As for abdominal exercises, there are so many effective ones. Remember to move with your abdominal muscles as you work through. Avoid any strain on your neck. One tip is to look at one spot in the ceiling and keep looking at that same spot as you go through your abdominal exercises, eg. when on your back facing the ceiling. 

And also remember to hold your abdominals nice and tight throughout the day. Practice good posture as you walk around the city, sit at your desk, stand in line, cook over the stove or pick up your baby.

What I like about the exercises above is that you are using your own bodyweight. So these exercises are tailored specifically for you. To make this workout more challenging go slower or do more.

what are your favorite abdominal exercises? What are your least favorite? I know that I find some exercises more effective than others.



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