How to run correctly: tips on good form, posture and breath

Running is good cardiovascular exercise, especially when you’re running outdoors. In moderation, with other exercise, it’s and activity healthy for all ages. 

Besides the training and physical aspects however, running also gives a person self-confidence. It gives a person to believe that they can do, that they can achieve.

Good posture while running is important. When I run, I like to forget about daily stressors. Forget about mistakes of your past or potential problems in the future. Focus on the moment. Roll your shoulders into the back of your body, feel equal on left and right foot. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slow controlled and deeply through the mouth. Focus on your breath.

I think running, like cycling or like any other work out you may choose to do, whether it be yoga, mountain climbing or fencing… leads to a peaceful inner meditation. 

A routine of exercise, one that you love, can bring about an inner peace and happiness. This leads to a mind-body connection. This is healthy, in my opinion, since when you have a greater awareness of your body you are more likely to avoid injury, relax and enjoy life. 


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