The eight minute yoga workout for better backs

Yesterday I twisted my back and wow do I ever now have compassion for people with back pain. Tiger balm, stretching, extra strength Advil … Nothing was really a match for it.

Back pain is horrible. I think I had a muscle spasm, but whatever it was it affected my whole entire body.

Preventative measures are good, safe, careful back workouts practicing good alignment. That’s why it is important to go to class! Working out at home is great, but when you do yoga in a studio with a licensed certified yoga instructor to watch your alignment & keep you safer.

Here are some other treatments for back pain:

That was from a natural remedies hardcover book. There was also some other good advice, and information:



2 thoughts on “The eight minute yoga workout for better backs”

  1. I hope you get feeling better soon. Though I am NOT an advocate of pills, during the first 48 hours of pain onset, ibuprophen and rest are great for lumbar issues.

    I derive NO benefits from this, but is the BEST resource for back issues I have found to date.
    As a person that has back ‘issues’ off and on (especially lumbar) I will concur with you that YOGA done properly can be very good for your back. Done half-assed (the way I do it) can be good and bad for your back.
    Have a great weekend, and get feeling better!😊

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  2. Thank you so much! And you were right about the painkillers. Actually went to see the doctor today because it’s so bad still… He prescribed Advil-type painkillers that last 12 hours. He said it should clear up in a week.


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