DIY 3-ingredient natural organic homemade facial scrub

I’ve always been a skincare junkie. And probably not the kind you think. While yes, I do try and buy a lot of different creams out there… I prefer natural, organic and simple products on my skin. i’m talking papaya, tomato, yogurt, egg, coconut, flowers, pomegranate… And the list goes on and on! I’ve got fruit salads, bouquets and facial milkshakes galore going back-and-forth from my kitchen to my bathroom all the time!

I know that large producers of skincare products can’t do this because the fresh, natural ingredients can’t be packaged easily and shipped and remain on store shelves for anything over a week!

But to me, freshly made beauty products give the best results. It’s just like eating. I don’t want to eat something that’s been packaged and processed and been sitting on the shelf for a month after been sitting in a factory for weeks. And the same goes for my face! I want fresh clean natural ingredients on my face. It just makes sense. It’s more effective.

Even some of the “natural” type fresh beauty chains have preservatives, sulfates, parabens, preservatives in their products. It only makes sense. How can they sell products on the shelves if they are really fresh? They would have to sell them immediately. And that just doesn’t work, business-wise. 

I’m always putting food on my face! Sometimes, I’ll use other natural ingredients in my quest for glowing beautiful skin.

Today I tried something very simple. I wanted to exfoliate, but not harshly. I wanted to clean but at the same time nourish my pores with a natural antibacterial. 

Today I will do a very simple and gentle facial scrub.


1 teaspoon organic cold-pressed coconut oil

Half teaspoon baking soda

Half teaspoon raw honey

I was lucky enough to get my raw honey from Tanzania, right from the source, when I used to live there. 

I mix ingredients in a bowl. And I apply it to my face with gentle circles. Massage your face like this gently for at least two full minutes. If not more!


After gently scrubbing into your face, leave this on for a few more minutes because now it is a mask. The coconut oil and the honey are cleaning your pores. They both have antimicrobial properties. The baking soda is acting as a detergent, cleaning your skin. 

OK now… Be gentle with your comments… There’s no filter and this is dirty and natural stuff! Lol !!

Spend time gently massaging cheekbones:

Don’t forget to get your forehead, nose and chin:

If you were massaging and you feel like there’s not enough exfoliation then add up tiny pinch (and I mean tiny! Like an eighth of a teaspoon) of white sugar, brown sugar or coconut sugar.

When you wash off, use a little bit of natural facial soap (another blog for another day), dry and feel your extremely soft glowing skin. 

Try it and let me know! What’s your favorite homemade facial scrub? 



4 thoughts on “DIY 3-ingredient natural organic homemade facial scrub”

      1. Yes! All the time. My all time favorite is using homemade kefir as lactic acid peel. It’s gentle but very effective. I did a post on it on my blog. Plus during our last fittoserve class I showcased a friend’s all natural line. So much better than chemicals we can’t pronounce 😝

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